A Letter from Pastor Peter in India

Dear Pastor Wright,

My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him. Psalms 89:21

Greetings from India. Thank you so much for your valuable support.

The past week has been a blessing, In spite of technological limitations, I was able to conduct short Sunday Evening Online Service via Facebook on the road side. Trying to launch YouTube channel, but have limited daily data package. Might have to purchase broadband connection. A few mid-week modules were altered as I lost our mobile Internet signals.

As a result of our ministry through WhatsApp, one young boy (Devendra) gave his life to Christ. Prayer groups on WhatsApp receiving many requests, A sister who fell unconscious was prayers over WhatsApp call received God's intervention n healing.

The lockdown ends on 17th May 2020, but due to increasing positive numbers speculations are that it may be extended.

It's summer time, temperatures are about 40°c almost warm winds throughout the day and night, scarcity of drinking, household water has risen.

We lost our grandmother last to last week, but couldn't attend the funeral due to lockdown.

Updates from the field:

P from U was able to unite with his son after 42 days as he was struck due to lockdown, 4 days back he arrived home. Strong winds uprooted trees, flew off tinned roof sheets of their house. P informs us that he calls every believer over the phone and prays for them during these trying times.

Pastor C from C seeks prayers as his zone has many positive cases. He is mostly inside his home; he has an older father of 84 to take care of.

Pastor P from M shares that a young boy 10 years old died of snake bite, his parents, who are day labourers were away in another city andwere not able to come back home due to lockdown.

Pastor J from J is composing new songs while at home.

We continue to uphold China Institute in our prayers, especially praying through the weekly prayer updates. We continue to pray for Pastor Dori, Sister Sarah n family and for your health Pastor Wright.

Yours in His grace,