Margaret Chen in Nepal


Dori and I met Margaret in 1976 when we first arrived in Taiwan; she was a student in a teacher’s college. For two years, she and Dori spent a lot of time with her. After teaching English for many years, she entered seminary, where her favorite professor was a former student of mine (He surpassed his teacher thirty years ago!). She has worked in churches but now focuses on translating my books into Chinese.

She’s in Nepal for five months, visiting Christian friends she met when she visited Nepal seventeen years ago. At first, she was harassed by a female missionary from Taiwan who wanted Margaret to help her in her outreach to Chinese, not accepting her intention to work among Nepalese. She was pretty low and asked for prayer. I sent her some songs, to which she refers in her letters below.

I believe that her prayer letters will be encouraging and challenging. I’ll post others from time to time. Read on:

July 31, 2019

Dear Wright,

Thank you so much for including me and my Nepalese friends, Pastor Subash Pradhan,(he is teaching and training pastors and leaders in  the  churches in the country),and sister Maina Rai and brother Prem Rai in Restoration Church,(they are my hosts of my apartment) in your prayer letter.

August 1

In the morning, I focus on reading the Bible, studying the Book of Revelation, praying  for this city and Nepal.

In the afternoon, I check e-mail and reply to letters.

In the early evening, about 17:00 I go around Fewa Lake, take a walk and pray for about two hours, then go back to my place.

August 2

I appreciated that you gave me some advice. This morning I listened to the song, "Sovereign Over Us" [sung by Shane and Shane] several times, and I read the Book  of Revelation.

In the early evening, about 17:00 the Holy Spirit moved my hand to call the female missionary to ask her if she wanted to take a walk around Phewa-lake with me and her Christian brother from China. Strangely and amazing, it was God's work, not mine.

"Therefore, my heart is glad and my whole being rejoices."(Psalm 16:9)

After 10 minutes, they came to my place, and then we walked to the Lake.
While I was walking down the street, more and more Nepalese were very friendly and smiled at me, and even stopped to talk to me and told me their names. Those names I will write them down in my notebook, and pray for them to open their hearts to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray to God to use me to be His witness every day. As you pray for me, God will surely glorify Himself in me and through me.

Therefore, she and I and the Christian brother together restored the tense situation this evening. We ate supper together, and the waiters in the restaurant were very nice and smiled when talking with me. My heart was joyful! It is God's joy in my heart! Thank God, for he is greatly to be praise!

God answered our prayer.

Besides, my landlord and landlady invited me to go their Restoration Church in Pokhara

Please pray to God I can get along well with them, the Pastor and his wife, and the brothers and sisters. And they will love me, that God's love will be within us, and I can use my gifts to serve them.

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God."(1 John 4:7-8)

Later on August 2

Thank God! His perfect love in me overcame the evil power. Now, I feel free, and don't worry about [the missionary’s harassment and slander of her].

Now, I am preparing to go to Nepali Restoration Church in Pokhara.

August 3

I had a wonderful worship to God. We all worshiped in spirit and truth, as if heaven opened up , God's love like flood pouring out on all of us. While I was singing and praying, I was weeping, and I deeply knew God's will, that is that God loves those who love Him truly.

After I went back to my place, I listened to the song "What Love, My God" [by City Alight] the girl is singing. To tell the truth, I was moved deeply, and had tears in my eyes.

Now, I am going to walk around Phewa-Lake and pray and orientate myself in Pokhara

Here are Pastor Subash Pradhan in Kathmandu's prayer requests:

“God’s wisdom in training and teaching pastors and leaders.

“God’s grace for the good and sound health for me and family.

“God’s provision for family needs, and ministry needs. I urgently need to get a bike for ministry.

“I am making a trip to Singapore, and am raising fund for the Air ticket. It is USD 400/= I will be there to attend IDMC training for a week. And after I am back I will be going to the western part of Nepal to teach and train pastors.”