Meet Your Brother Trae

Meet Your Brother Trae

On the night of December 23, I received the following text message from my friend Trae:

“The book [Jesus: the complete Man] is great, Wright, and I will continue to read it. I spoke with the government today and I will be receiving more unemployment benefits. We also spoke with the IRS about our tax return. We should be receiving all of this here in the beginning of the year. There is also a store that wants a lot of our product, but not until January. Wright we know of about three children that are in need of Christmas. We owe our business 2100.00 dollars. When we can get this paid we can get more product. We are really beat for cash right now. We pawned our wedding rings to pay for the hotel room.  We have been to about ten of our stores and right now none of them were in need of product right now. That's why we need to sell the car. I don't want to sell our car Wright!! “

I met Trae Thompson and his wife Gabriella early in 2020 at the motel where we stayed while visiting Sarah and her family. As he passed my table in the breakfast room, he noticed my open Bible and stopped to talk to me. He’s a fervent Christian who quotes more Scripture naturally in conversation than anyone I know. He drove a truck until they were involved in an accident last March. Since then, he’s been selling products made of goat’s milk to different stores, but the lockdowns have hurt business, so we’ve helped them out a couple of times. I have begun taking him through my book Jesus: The Complete Man over the telephone.

A second message came Christmas Eve morning:

“Good morning Wright!! Last night we were able to get us a room I don't have the cash to pay for room or food. We have been going out every day with this business and yes I spoke with a gentleman about a truck driving job yesterday. [I had suggested that perhaps he should look for another type of work.] That's what I will have to do. Brother, we are stressed and struggling as of now and we have to do something!!! I pray all is well with you and Dori. Have you a great day and enjoy this Christmas!!! Amen!!”

How would you respond to such a cry for help?

Dori and I couldn’t stand the thought of their being out in the cold on Christmas Eve, so I called the motel and paid for two nights at the lowest rate. We also arranged for them to get some cash to last a few days. Obviously, these are only stopgap measures. I think he needs some coaching by an experienced Christian businessman. We’re going to try to find someone in his city.

He’ll continue to try to sell their products until he gets another job, hopefully as a truck driver.

If you would like to help Trae and Gabriella, you can text him at (806) 679-5434. They are staying in Room 105,  Comfort Inn Suites. 979-314-0413