Pasto Peter in India

January 10

It has been a hard time here too. Daily taking mother to the hospital, every morning 5.30am and returning after lunch. Hospital is so crowded, and it takes so long to see the doctor. Latest update by investigations, Sugar and Blood Pressure are little high, CT Brain Scan are normal, Electroneuromyography (ENMG) test reports are also considerably normal. Medicines have been prescribed for diabetes, Blood Pressure and one table to be taken lifelong to avoid any further strokes or heart attacks. CoVid-19 test of mother came negative. Doctors have asked to get a complete lower and upper lumbar MRI of Spine. Yesterday (9/1), mother had an appointment but couldn't make it. Again for the MRI test today we got the COVID-19 test done, reports may come tomorrow.

I'm doing good, but only that I just feel tired. The other day, we got drenched in the rain while returning home from the hospital, but we're doing well.

Northern India where associates are under severe cold wave conditions.

Pastor S from Lahaul Spiti reports of heavy snowfall, next 6 months all road or air connections will be closed. With great difficulty few dollars were transferred to sustain our brother's family.

Pastor P from Varanasi shares about every Saturday his house becomes shelter for other village leaders to learn from him. He is the one who needs much prayers as persecution is on the rise there in that state.

Pastor J from Jharkhand shares about new believers joining the fellowship after Christmas outreach.

Pastor K from Haryana continues with the ministry of healing, sharing and education. Many who come with physical ailments receive God's healing and get interested in the gospel.

Continue to pray for all of us.

Yours in His grace,

January 13

Yesterday(1/12) mom was able to get MRI Spine scan at the hospital. Tomorrow, Thru 14/01 we've an appointment with the doctor. Here in India for everything we need to first pay for every tests, scans, and appointments, then get a token number, earlier you get hold of your token, the early you can see the doctor. It has been a challenge for me too. All these days getting up early in the morning 5am and rush to the hospital just to get a token, yet with all these only chance to see the doctor comes by afternoon.

Today 13th Jan is mother's birthday. She is 65 today, and my father got very emotional as he prayed for her and sang the Happy Birthday song for her. Please continue to pray for all of us.

Keziah is having her online classes everyday from Morning 9 am to 3 pm. College has formally informed about regular college classes from 1st February 2021. We're praying for costs involved there with.