Pastor Peter in India

Dear Pastor Wright,

Mark 15: 12 So Pilate asked them again, “What then do you want me to do with the One you call the King of the Jews?”

The King of the Jews who now is before Pilate had done miracles, wonders, healing which no one could do, He showed the purest life that pleases the Father, enlightened dark hearts to accept light of life, raised the dead and now His silence before Pilate was to finish the great plan of salvation. He died on the cross as a delivered/saviour for the whole world.

What do I do then with the One Who is called the King of the Jews? My response is, I obey Him (Mat. 8:4); I worship Him (Mat. 8:2); I follow Him (Mat. 8:23); I trust Him wholly (Mat. 8:5-10); I testify about Him (Mat. 8:4b); I serve Him (Mat. 8:15).

Dear friends, thank you for praying, last week has been a wonderful week of God’s faithfulness and grace. A Pastor’s family visited us to bless us with supplies. It was from a far country, where they took pain to reach us in person to bless us in obedience to His word. We were blessed with good face masks by a brother who works in the Brosche. As God supplied our needs, we were able to bless others too. Pastors’ families who called up at the odd hours, we were able to understand their pain, we praise God for enabling us to sow our seed. Pastor KD who got badly infected by Covid, was helped both emotionally & financially as they struggled in the hospital. Praise God he was discharged and resting at home. Pastor BR who was home quarantined, was able to receive supplies, medicines and emotional help during this trying time.

The everyday morning Bible Study & Mentoring Class has blessed me indeed, with lessons coming live everyday conforming to God's faithfulness.

WhatsApp Prayer Room continues to receive prayer requests. Daily Bible verses are a blessing to many in three different languages.

ZOOM Meeting: “Life in the Kingdom” newly started 6-week series started last week was a blessing. Many of our field workers (Associates), along with friends received their first session.

Translation: New series “Life in the Kingdom” notes were translated to be used during the sessions.

Translation during the meetings: I praise God for the strength & grace to be helpful in translation ministry. Long hours of sitting before the computer, carrying heavy water bottles is hurting my back.

Facebook Ministry: While opportunities come, we praise God that He makes all things to bring glory to His name. Many were encouraged by His Word to prosper in health as their souls prosper.

For Your Prayers:

1.      Pray that I may complete the translation of notes for this week in time.

2.      Pray for the Zoom Meeting this Saturday.

3.      Pray for my back pain.

4.      Pray for the Facebook Live Streaming on 18th June.

5.      Pray for Pst. K from Karnal, his rent needs may be met.

6.      Pray for Pst. K from Uttar Pradesh (6 fellowships) will be strengthened & no untoward incidents may come.

7.      Pray for Pst. P from Uttar Pradesh, his son's Bible college fee & train fare be met, as proposed colleges may open in July 2021.

8.      Pray for the provision of a power back up to run the studio gadgets without interruptions.

9.    Pray for Keziah's 2nd year college & hostel fee be met in time.

“Again” as per the above reference from Mark 15:12 as Pilate asked again, I may conclude by asking AGAIN, ‘What will we do with this “King of the Jews” whom we know as “King of kings & Lord of lords’ in our daily lives?

Yours in His Vineyard,

Pastor Peter Pal