Pastor Peter in India

Dear Pastor Wright,

It's a very pleasant morning here. It rained heavily last night, and I had a good night's rest after a long time. We rejoice in an envelope of God's care & guidance.

Yes, I was able to encash the gift, which is exactly the amount needed to pay off the advance deposit amount. Sister D. has sent across INR 35,000 which will be used for logistics & a month's rent. Still have immediate needs for things needed for packaging & mover charges. Trusting God for His provisions as we settle down in the new house.

I cannot strain myself by hurting back, I will have to hire men to lift & shift household things. I think it's my bed mattress that's hurting me most. It's just a cotton filled mattress, and now has got bulges here and there with uneven lining.

How are you Pastor? We're praying for you every moment. Praying for Sister Dori's return & for Sister Sarah.

With Christ's love & prayers,