Pastor Peter in India

Faithfulness of God:

I found God to be so faithful, while we searched for a house. We managed to find one, a beautiful two-bedroom house with all modern amenities, close to major Christian institutions. Things worked, we paid the token advance, and returned home rejoicing after a tiresome search.

Next day the landlord (Mr. Bipin) called to inquire about the shifting date, two days later during the evening hours, he called again to say that we can’t have the house. We had no clue what to do, we were totally disappointed and discouraged. While he hung the call he gave us an option of another property, a three-bedroom flat which he owned in another part of the city. He hung the call, saying to think about it. We waited for his call the next day. We prepared to meet him personally that afternoon.

He excused himself saying that it was their mistake, and should not have received the token amount. Our references had given him a good report, and it was not our problem. We asked him what the reason was, were we paying less, still we requested him to have his house. The deal didn’t work, and we were very much discouraged.

I shared my testimony, shared His Word with the family and prayed for the family. He returned our advance, adding 2500 INR. As we left, we were in tears, totally disturbed. I told my wife, let’s go find another house. We kept searching, and after an hour Mr. Bipin called us to find out, Did we find a house? We said, No! That whole evening, we kept searching for a house. Late evening, Mr. Bipin enquired if we’ve returned home? We said, No! And we were on the way to this particular colony, and Mr. Bipin said not to go there cause the layout was very expensive.

Now the miracle starts, Mr. Bipin says, “Have a look at his property, which he owns in another part of the city, Or if I found a house which we liked, and are not able to pay the high rent, He would pay out as much as possible for some time”. He sent across his property’s location.

Next day, we visited the property, and it was awesome. A three-bedroom flat with all goodines, with dining space, beautiful sitting hall, two balconies, swimming pool, gym, children park, walking area, and local market close by. God’s Faithfulness, “Same rent & deposit” as decided for the earlier property (two-bedroom House). He said, “We want to serve the Lord by blessing you”.

What an amazing God we serve!!! A house which could fetch them 25,000 INR is just given out for 14,000 INR.

(NOTE: Pastor Peter’s household includes his parents, his two children, and his wife. He also uses one room as an office and recording center.)

We rejoice in God’s favor, total strangers just went to see the house, they now stand blessing us. Thank God for His provision, favor, joy, wiping our tears, turning our sorrows into joy, and thank you all for praying for us. Please stand with us in believing God to use us in this new location, and meet all our spiritual & physical needs. Hope to make a shift by next week.

Yours in His Vineyard,

Pastor Peter Pal