Pastor Peter in India

Dear Praying Friends

One of the purposes of prayer is to make us aware of our own dependence upon the Lord. No concern is too small to bring to Him, and nothing is too big for Him to handle. In fact, we are told to worry about nothing and to pray about everything (Phil. 4:6). The outcome of prayerful dependence is peace in heart, even in the midst of unchanged circumstances (Phil. 4:7).

2 Kings 19:10-20 Unlike King Hezekiah, we’re probably not facing an invading army. But if we’re like most of us, our life is nonetheless full of obstacles, problems, and everyday needs that threaten our sense of peace and security. What do we do about this? Do we rely on our own strength and ingenuity to find a way through, or do we call out to God for help?

Sometimes we forget that we are creatures who are completely dependent on the Creator for our next breath. Prayer is a privilege God has given His children—it lets us humbly lay our cares before our Father, trusting Him to direct our path and provide for our needs. We have nothing to lose—except our pride and self-sufficiency, along with the resultant fear and anxiety. This is something I’m learning every day, and much to my surprise I still feel up’s & downs in my understanding that God is at work. So, pray for me, as I pray for others to trust God in His sovereign grace.

Ministry Updates:

1.     The most happening thing every Saturday are two short Bible trainings which have completed 5 weeks thus far. 158 participants receive teachings via Zoom, which is recorded to be uploaded onto YouTube for offline participants & absentees to review the classes.

2.     Pray for Pst. PC, who alone enrolled 88 participants from his region & fellowship, travels every week day to be a video Bible teacher to conduct the offline Bible school. Pray for his health & provisions.

3.     We praise God for participants (Muslim, Sikh & Dalit converts) who are now are Pastors, ministers of the Gospel are taking active part in the training. We praise God for the paid Zoom Licence in place, teachers who take out precious time to share & enable me to translate every session.

4.     The new thing I’ve learnt is to edit the video professionally to upload onto YouTube, I hope I’m improving.

5.     Continue to pray for Pst. Wright most of his reports have come normal, praise God! He needs enough strength & continues improvement in health as he keeps believing in the divine healer, the Christ.

6.     Continue to remember Sis. Sarah’s hurting foot, the Lord Himself touches her and makes her completely whole.

7.     Continue to pray for our dear brother Lazarus’s family as they attempt written tests to find an opening to move into Canada with children. Pray that God opens brighter avenues for the family.

8.     Praise God! Daily devotion in English, Hindi & Telugu reach many states in India. WhatsApp Prayer Room continues to receive prayer requests. Answers to prayers encourage us, and bless us with joy.

9.     Praise God! God continues to open online speaking occasions over Facebook, Zoom, Google Meet, even doors to translate messages into Hindi.

10. Praise God! A new opening happened to translate script & give voice for Hindi programmes on New Hope TV Bengaluru. One project I was able to complete last week. I’m happy the investment of home studio years ago is getting used. Hallelujah!

11. Pray for Pst. John (Odisha) needs immediate gallbladder surgery. He is looking for provisions for the surgery at a Christian hospital in Koraput, Odisha.

Family Update:

Wife suddenly fell sick & hurt her lower chest. She was immediately taken to hospital. All tests, scanning & X-rays showed all normal reports. She still needs improvement as pain continues to make her impatient.

Yours in His service,

Pst. Peter Pal