Pastor Peter in India

The uproar has begun, many states of India experience a threat to Christian faith, especially now Karnataka is under fire. Numerous incidents of attacks on believers, both ladies & children. Sunday worship being disrupted, installation of idols by performing pooja (Ritual prayers) have happened in the last three weeks in Karnataka. Pray for the community of believers who are under trails, let’s raise corporate prayers for the ailing body of Christ in India.

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Ministry Updates:

1. Praising God for being able to conduct 23/10/2021 Week-7 Bible School classes under the sun on rooftop using mobile hotspot, in-spite of birds chirping, train honking & rail-tracks crackling.

2. Praising God for being able to do the video edits & uploaded the class videos on YouTube with limited internet facility.

3. Thank God for Evg. Ruben George who was kind enough to fill in the gap to teach Faith towards God week-7 module. Continue to remember him as he completes the remaining part next week.

4. Continue to remember Pst. Ronald as he is continuing to teach the Authority of a Believer classes in-spite of being affected with Pneumonia for the past two weeks. He is committed to see that we receive these important sessions without any break.

5. Continue to remember me as well, as I’m also down with fever, cold & cough.

6. Pray for Pst. PC, who is the video Bible teacher conducts these two Bible school sessions for all offline students from his area. Pray for his health & provisions. Praise God his old, rusted two-wheeler partakes in the great mission & commission.

7. Praise God! Daily Bible verses in English, Hindi & Telugu are a blessing for many, who in-turn share with others.

8. We rejoice for being able to use social media platforms. Personal interactions over Zoom & Google Meet, praying for people & encouraging them with Word is a blessing. These days even more opportunities to translate messages into Hindi have come my way.

9. Praise God for the successful gallbladder surgery of Pst. John (Odisha) last week. He was discharged last week from the hospital & today he is visiting the hospital to open stitches. Generous gifts are welcomed to help him meet his medical expenses.

10. Pst. K.K & Pst. N.P (Karnal, Haryana) seeks prayers & generous giving for their ministries among poor children (stationeries & meals).

11. Pst. AC (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) was able to conduct a Pastor’s meet for my visiting friend from Bangalore for two days. The free Manna Mission education for poor children is gaining momentum as new volunteers & staff are joining to conduct small groups in different locations of the city.

Family Update:

Wife continues to improve from her fall.

We all family were down with fever, cough & cold. Mother too has joined the list. I have recovered but still feel body shivers, Keziah has recovered but wife, mother & Khushi are struggling with fever & cough. Visiting the local doctor was a help.

After two years of house confinement (Lockdown) with kids getting off from institutions, we’re visiting our hometown. Unfortunately, the car broke down during this transit. The local car mechanic inspected to find the front chassis part meant for the engine & gearbox to sit has broken. It’s a major repair & costs a fortune. We're stuck on the road trip with health problems.