Pastor Peter in India

The Zoom Bible Classes (Authority of a Believer & Bible Doctrine) held its 9th Week class again from my village in Andhra Pradesh for a soundproof environment using my car. Grateful to the Lord that every equipment worked well in limited resources to reach all participants with good video reception. The session's video recordings came well too. The Zoom Bible Classes YouTube video editing & uploads were successful too.

The whole family was able to visit our hometown after two years, forced to visit the village panchayat office to get thumb imprints of parents & family members. All family members got their vaccination shots at the local government hospital before we were to return. All scheduled October online meetings were conducted during the trip from different cities.

Unfortunately, all family members fell sick during the trip, having high fever, cold & cough. Many of us got pricks from doctors & a good number of medicines to eat. The sickness has left many of us with low appetite & weakness.

The car broke down with major damages under the hood. The car had to be put under major repair & replacement of the front chassis. We praise God for praying partners who shared our despair & pain during this trip. All needs were met by financial partners & people God moved to bless us during the financial crisis. My spiritual father & mentor cautioned me to be wise & fair in using this old car & not to spend God’s money on major repairs like this. We love this car, it’s a gift from God for the ministry of the Word. It has clocked 89,000 kms & is 15yrs old stretched Indian limousine with a lot of legroom & boot space made by Indian car manufacturer Tata. Hope we continue to use it until the Lord gives us a brand new one.

Pst. PC from Varanasi continues to be a mobile Bible teacher taking the zoom Bible classes to offline participants from his fellowship.
Pst. JB from Koraput successfully underwent gallbladder surgery, and got discharged from the hospital healthy. He still has unmet financial needs for the hospital bills.
Pst. KK from Karnal continues to visit slum children conducting teaching classes & storytelling. He shares his needs to supply pencils, colours & notebooks for these children.
Pst. SKB from Jammu rejoices with 5 souls who made their decision to follow Christ & be baptized. Continue for the fellowship at Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir to grow during these hard times.
Pst. AC from Varanasi was able to conduct Pastor’s get together for a visiting friend of mine from Bengaluru, thereafter visited local fellowships & vocational training centre for free education.

Praise Points
God saved us from two major accidents during the trip. On two different occasions bikers skidded off the road, and were nearly close to hitting our car but in time the Lord saved us to move away from the skidding bikes.
Our return was on God’s timing! While we cruised back to Bengaluru from Andhra Pradesh, heavy downpour made us uncomfortable during the drive but while we crossed every city, later in the news all those cities were flooded with water everywhere. God helped us.
Request from Chhattisgarh by Pst. AKT to conduct a short-term Bible Study for a group of believers, after a two months search culminated by opening doors in an amazing way. Pst. PKS, an Indian settled in Mauritius offered gladly in God’s timing to serve this group with serious, authentic & Bible based 10 weeks teaching every Tuesday. We never know how God opens hearts & ways to fulfil His purpose.
Praise God for a new Hindi voiceover project that came my way, I submitted a sample of the same, pray that my work gets appreciated.

Prayer Points
Continue to remember Abhishek, my sister's son who met with an accident, left with a few wounds on his body. No major issues happened, all X-rays, reports were normal. Praise God! We paid a quick visit before we left on our long journey.
Continue to pray for daughter Keziah’s college admission, which is pending. The college has offered us time to get her admitted soon without late fee.
Continue to pray for my recovery from the recent sickness as I feel weak in my body.
Continue to pray for my translation ministry that I may get more projects & I will be busy doing His Kingdom work.
WhatsApp Morning Devotional: Daily morning devotional in 3 different languages continues to bless many. WhatsApp Prayer Room continues to receive requests for prayer.
We continue to pray for all our financial partners, prayer partners, ministry associates & fellow believers every day. We’re happy to serve with you & along with you during these hard times.

I quote the above statements again: Life is hard for many reasons, but through it all we are being made more into the image of God. Jesus is greater than every hardship; he is victorious over every pain. All of life’s tragedies, sorrows, and iniquities should ultimately lift our gaze to the day when the sinful difficulties of life will be taken away and the formative tensions of life will only and fully point us toward the goodness and glory of Jesus. In other words, we should long for the day when our craving for meaning will be fully and finally satisfied in God himself.

Yours in His Vineyard,

Pst. Peter Pal