Pastor Peter in India

Here is his latest update:

From the Field:

Pst. (Pastor) Patiyar & his wife Tetra (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) are totally down with cough & cold, body aches, fever. There is no one in the house to take care of them. One son is down south in Kerala for his studies but due to the lockdown can't travel, and the other son is in Jail since last week, as he was arrested while distributing tracts. None of them have money even to purchase medicines, and this is real for many missionaries now in India, since  either the agencies have no funding or people are without work.

Pst. Krishan (Karnal, Haryana) continues to witness and share the love of Jesus Christ. Small groups of children go through basic education classes clubs with stories from the Bible and songs. The Prem Nagar colony church continues to grow.

Pst. James (Botote, Jammu & Kashmir), not our associate but a friend in the Kingdom work, seeks prayer for his ministry among the mountains, as he serves independently now due to supporting agencies having no funds since the pandemic began have released him to work in faith. Pst. has two grown up children in higher schools and lives in a rented home in the mission field.

Pst. Sunil (Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir) praises God for the admission of his daughter into St. Peter's Covenant and for the providence of the admission fee.

Pst. Bishop Milton (Bhilai, Chhattisgarh) are witnessing a higher surge in Covid positive cases, and their whole state is under total lockdown since last week. Bishop's wife managed to return home after a week as she was struck in another district by the sudden lockdown. Bishop continues to do great work in Chhattisgarh.

From the Family & Friends:My wife managed to return home last week in spite of lockdown. My mother-in-law went through laparoscopic surgery for her kidney/gallbladder stones. She got a stunt near her kidney, and may be treated later. My wife's grandmother is on liquids and may soon finish her journey on this earth. Yesterday my wife's uncle passed away due to covid in the hospital.

Whatsapp-Facebook Prayer Room: Daily devotionals in Hindi, English & Telugu continues to strengthen many around India. Prayer Room on Whatsapp continues to receive requests for prayers from all over India. Covid help over social platforms is offered to every request received weather from hospital or home.

Local House Visitation: After a long time, we have visited a few believers' houses to encourage them. What a change that has happened during the pandemic and lockdown! Unfortunately it seems we must refrain for a few more mothers to visit houses.

Damages and Blessings: Our car front windshield broke, as children playing nearby hit the glass with a ball. Nearly four to five times my little peppy scooter broke down last week; last night I found  the short circuit in the wires.

Riya celebrated her 5th Birthday on 20th April. We had a small cake, a big chicken on the platter. Riya got a beautiful dress on her birthday.