Pastor Peter in India September 17, 2020

Greetings from India
We continue to pray for you. We praise God for His continued grace upon you, and in all that you do.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers, especially my wife's family, we have not been yet able to see the bereaved family. We have plans but we are waiting on the Lord to provide means to reach out to them. A few new beginnings have come about.
Pastor P  needs prayer for the new fellowship started last month.
Pastor J is on 30 days total prayer time with family from morning to evening.
FACEBOOK LIVE: I was able to minister to a group during 24 hours Praise and Worship Session.
ZOOM MEETING: Had wonderful Zoom Meeting with Pastor Chip Ingram, Living on the Edge Ministries, and a Zoom Meeting with Doctors to address present Covid19 crises.
Computer Skills: All of a sudden my computer stopped working. It was quite difficult to get it going. Thankfully I got my data restored by a computer mechanic.
Presently I'm learning OBS streaming software to build better quality videos to stream online.
We continue to pray for God's provisions, every step we take being on limited resources. We end up using reserved resources due to uncertain breakdowns.

Yours in His grace,