Pastor Peter Needs Our Prayers

Dear Pastor Wright,

Warm greetings from India. Thank you so very much for the gift. I picked it up yesterday and immediately paid up my house rent.

Last week has been of great testing mentally, physically and spiritually. Worry and uncertainty over powered me, I was down in deep agony and depression. Continuing to sit in prayer for God to open doors.

Thank you for your prayers, and words of encouragement. For the next three days we’re staying in fasting and prayer. This morning, it was a wonderful experience to embrace God’s faithfulness, His care and love towards us. Using ACTS Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication, we spend few hours in God’s presence.

Yes, you can post my letter in the blog, we are needing more intercessory prayers.

Preparing for the 18th December, “Word Enrichment Celebrations”, three Christmas carols and 1 group presentation. Again on 20th December, have advance Christmas celebrations both online & Offline.

Keziah’s admission is half way pending, Provisional admission has been granted, as and when we complete the total fee deposit, the admission will be conformed. 10 days time has been given to pray the balances.

Pastor P from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh has concerns over the new anti-conversion bill that has been passed. The bill condemns conversion and if found guilty, 10 years non-bailable jail term and 25,000 INR fine. We were in continued contact last week over phone and prayed for each other.

Christmas this time is totally different with no night carols, no Christmas Choir. I have few plans to sing carols, share Christmas message on Cross-roads but it requires a power inverter. Hope something will come up.

Looking forward for the Word Enrichment Celebrations on 18th Dec. 2020.

Yours in His saving grace,

Peter Pal