I posted an introduction to Pastor Peter  on July 2, 2018, telling briefly of the suffering that he, his family, and his church endured in North India.

Since then, they have moved back to southern India, where they used to live.

He now engages in an itinerant ministry, as the following paragraphs indicate.

Their trials have not ended, however. Hindu nationalists continue to persecute Christians throughout India, encouraged by their government. Peter has asked for our prayers.

Read on for a bit more information about this stalwart servant of God.

Please pray for him and his family, and for all the Christians who are braving opposition and danger to serve God in India.

If God moves you to do so, you may write him directly, referring to me as the one who introduced him to you. His address is:

June 1

Continue to pray for my travel and prayerfully support the ministry as much as possible. The Climate is going to be very hot (48°C - 118.4°F).

June 4 - Hyderabad (Telengana).

Meeting with a Christian Leader to see the possibility of using Dr Bruce Wilkinson's study materials.

June 5 to 8 Karimnagar (Telengana)

1. Attending a wedding reception and speaking at the occasion. 2. Speaking at a couples wedding anniversary.

3. Speaking at a local Pastor's Association. 4. General body meet of a ministry and possibility of me to be as a member in the general body. 5. Ministry among orphan children.

July 1

Pastor Wright, we are going through a hard time, we have been forcefully asked to vacant the house we live in due to a small fellowship we run secretly in home, though the assembling group was not big yet due to our weekly Sunday evening gathering was not acceptable by the owner of the house. Having our own place of worship was not been possible yet. We pray that God would provide in the near future.

The whole week has been a challenge to look for a new house immediately. Thus far the houses I have seen are beyond our budget.

Please uphold us on your prayers.

We are continuously praying for you and family.

Your son in the Lord,

July 10

Greetings to you and family from all of us in India.

Past two weeks have been very tiring especially concerning finding a suitable place for residence. Sometimes God allows us to understand something we don't want to understand in a different way.

This house we stayed last, we thought would help us do many things in regard to ministry and comfortable stay and we were in comfort zone.

Now we are back into a new place and new location, challenges are new.

We seek your prayers that we restart well and progress in this new house. As long as we stay, we be grateful to God