Are we limiting the Holy One of Israel?

To his wife, amidst a time of special difficulty, Hudson Taylor wrote:

“I am hoping to give special time to prayer and Bible study on the voyage [back to England from China]. Darling, I do want our whole life to be an ascending plane – not resting in anything we have learned or felt or attained, but a pressing on and up…

“May God save us from limiting the Holy One of Israel.

“We go working on, feeling our weakness and personal need, feeling the weakness and poverty of the church and the unreality or at least extreme shallowness of its consecration, feeling the power of the one united front of the world, the flesh and the devil. Do we not want more really to meditate on God, to gaze on Him, to take in what we are even now competent to take in of His greatness, His resources, his assurances, and promises? Dwelling thus on Him, should we not be enabled to grasp more of the heights and depths of His character and purposes and be more ready and able to do His will?”

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission
Volume II,394-395