China and America

“Natural” Friends

Since the mid-nineteenth century, when America and China became involved with each other, citizens of both nations have often seen each other as natural friends. For some reason, Americans (including this writer) have a fundamental liking for China, the Chinese, and things Chinese, and the feeling in China seems often – though not always – to be mutual…

“Natural” Enemies

On the other hand, so much divides the two nations that voices can be heard on both sides of the Pacific predicting an inevitable war. Enough powder kegs are lying around, some with fuses already lit, to ignite a conflagration that could engulf much of Asia…

Potential for Peace

Still, no one really wants conflict. So, perhaps there is hope for peace after all. Wiser heads may prevail. Caution may win out over rage if something else comes along to trouble the waters. Perhaps these “natural friends” will surmount obstacles and learn to live together peaceably in an increasingly multi-polar world.

From China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society, by G. Wright Doyle and Peter Xiaoming Yu.