Letters from China: Fighting a Deadly Virus

Dear Uncle Wright,

Recently, according to the news, the disease has spread in the United States.  After the initial difficulties, I believe that the United States will soon be able to control the disease.  

Soon you will be the same as what we did before, staying at home, hoarding supplies, studying cooking and enjoying yourself. In order to healthy diet, I stopped ordering take-away food recently and started cooking at home. Although take-away food is convenient , the ingredients and oil used are not reassuring.  I haven't partied with my friends for two months, and it may last a long time. Even though there are not many new cases in the country, the community ban has not been lifted. It's rare to be able to enjoy quiet life, it would be better if my parents could be around.

What about you recently?

Dear Uncle Wright,

“Dear Uncle Wright, It has been a long time since my  last email. Thank you for your concern about us. We have been staying at home for nearly one month except for going to some necessary places.

Right now, as the situation is recovering in China, I also began to work at home. Usually I have to teach students through online courses, which may last at least a month. Besides, what really worries me that at this moment the virus is spreading really fast in foreign countries, including US. It also seems that there are a lot of problems, like insufficient testing paper, lack of beds and so on, which is really similar to the early stage of China. America also has been listed as a quarantined country by Chinese government. My cousin has just returned from US two days ago, and he has to be compulsorily quarantined in a hotel for 14 days.

So is the situation still ok at your place? Please take care of both you and Dori at this critical time. Pay more attention to personal sanitation, like washing your hand with soap once you get home. Be aware of ventilating your room as much as possible.

Since we are the whole across the world, we believe we will overcome this together someday.

Dear Wright,

Thank you for your moving letter. Yes, it is really a sad time for China. The plague started right before the traditional Spring Festival. Many people went back home, and the virus spread.

Every day, we check the numbers of those confirmed and suspected with the virus. And the numbers are always rocketing, with still no sign to decline.  As I am writing this letter, the confirmed are 34664 people, the suspected 27657. And there are people beyond these numbers. I believe countless people died, especially at the early period.

Now more than 10,000 doctors and nurses are now supporting Wuhan. They are very, very brave.

For other areas outside Hubei, all public areas are closed. New terms for all schools are postponed till at least end of February. Most people are staying at home, not allowing to go out to prevent the spread of the disease.

It is actually a war, and it came so suddenly! It is really a very sad time for China.

Dear Wright,

I get to know that the coronavirus is spreading in the US now. I am writing to remind you to take care.

My husband and my son love to watch NBA games. They said most Americans are not wearing facial mask. That is very dangerous.

This is a deadly disease; Chinese experts call it Rogue Disease. Once one person infected, the whole family can not escape. There are many sad stories in Wuhan which is 3-hour-bullet train from us. Reported deaths are now 3173 and there are around 5000 seriously ill.

Affected by the virus, we have been doing on-line teaching for over a month. Actually, all students are staying at home across the whole country. And every village and neighborhood are closed. For our neighborhood, we can take walks inside the neighborhood with facial mask, but not allowed to go outside. Each family is allowed for one person to go out once a day. No other ways to defeat the disease but to quarantine. In China it is declining now as most people are still staying at home. There are many strict rules here in China, like all those returning from outside the city have to be quarantined for 14 days.

I do suggest you to:

(1)   Wear facial mask when you go out, especially to closed areas. I usually wear two masks when I go out. I also wear gloves, as our hands always touch things. I think it is better than always wash hands. Remember to wash gloves often, and do not touch your face with your hand.

I’ve read the news that in Italy some people refuse to wear facial mask as they have long believed that those wearing mask are seriously sick. Here in China, everyone is wearing mask, old and young, man and women. We do believe it is very, very important to wear mask as the virus spreads in the air. I strongly suggest you to prepare more masks in advance.

(2)   Try not go to closed areas like supermarket, department stores or the church. There have been cases reported in department stores in China. After a woman bought shoes in a department store in Tianjin, several shop assistants whom she met were confirmed to have the virus.

(3)   Do not use central air-conditioning as it circulates the air. Open windows often and let fresh air in.

(4)   Put your jacket on the balcony when you return home, and do not bring it inside the room.

I hope this can get your attention, and do take care!