Pastor Peter in India

Pastor Peter sent this today. Scroll down for more from him.

Last night's Google Meet Online Christmas Celebration, open for all non-believers, went well. Bishop Rev. Milton Lal, Vice-Chairman CIPBC-ICT from Bhilai, State Chhattisgarh, India ministered God's Word in Hindi. The program included Bible readings in Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Christmas Carols again in the same languages. Two groups from different locations sang Christmas carols as well. People from different regions of India, a brother from Dubai, another from -7 degree Celsius from Himachal Pradesh attended the celebrations. 6 non-believers took part in the program. Continue to pray for the follow-up of the new decision makers.

We have not planned anything yet for 25th Dec, but hope to conduct something from home. There will be few open air carol singings before 25th Dec. Continue to pray for us.