Pastor Peter in India

We continue to rejoice in serving our Lord with all the prayers of the saints. Nevertheless, God has not forsaken us nor is lenient in fulfilling His promises concerning us.

April is the onset of scorching hot Summers in India and continues through July. We thank the Lord for His protection and strength during April.

In these 29 years of ministry, the first time we conducted Good Friday and Easter service in a house atmosphere. A small flock came together to worship and praise during these services. I wish I could capture the moments in frames.

14th April Bhopal Pastor’s Meet: Unexpected heatwave of 40°C (104 Fahrenheit) was felt during my travel from Bengaluru to Bhopal, then Bhopal to Kanpur. Unfortunately, I had the upper berth on the train and I had a close experience of a furnace.

16th April Kanpur Pastor’s Meet: Praise God for a blessed time together with Pastors who serve in different terrain.

20th April joined the family to celebrate Jasmine’s birthday at her grandma's home in Andhra Pradesh. Experience of summers beyond imaginations, 43°C (109.4 Fahrenheit).

22nd April spoke during a memorial service of a dear uncle who was a faithful man in faith and work culture.

26th April attended a wedding with a great number of faithful God’s servants. It was also an occasion to meet one of my best Telugu Gospel singers Dr. AR Stevenson.

28th April drove 320kms to be part of an open evangelist meeting in Chirala.

Morning Devotions & WhatsApp Prayer Room continues to bless many around the country. During the first week of April, I refreshed and updated all contacts on WhatsApp messenger. What a blessing to see people getting blessed in small efforts.

We could bless an old lady with a new high speed table fan. She had a 37yrs old table fan given in her marriage, which hardly gave her comfort during this hot summer. To add more happiness, I helped her clean and oil the fan which sprang into action again.

A short and quick visit to our aunts and cousin sister blessed them again. Thank the Lord for the improvement in their health and healing of emotions.

We need your prayers for better health, strength and wisdom to persevere in His work.
Our elderly parents need your prayers for good health and sound mind.