Pastor Peter in India

Christmas 2023

Dear Pastor Wright,


Thank you so very much for speaking to us during Online Christmas. Your presence during the occasion has deeply encouraged us. Your spirit of patience, love and your gesture to enjoy and singalong the groups is highly appreciated.


We were disappointed due to lack of proper mobile signals/bandwidth at times when our friends were singing. Another setback was that my audio interface (Soundcard) burnt up which made the audio connection very poor and delivered a very bad recording of the celebrations.


Your Christmas message was received with pen hearts. Your message touched many realistic points of every individual that are being faced. We're so encouraged that "Immanuel" God is with us. He is with us every moment, in every situation and in every aspect.


Our friends/Associates had joined from different locations, others sent their apologies as their engagements during Christmas time is high.

To name a few whose presentations inspired us all:
1. Pastor Krishan (City: Karnal State:Haryana) who works among rag-pickers/garbage collectors in the city, whose daughter sang so sweetly, beautifully with all her heart. She surprised us all with her voice and confidence too. One thing we learnt was that it's not our riches or opportunities but our availability in His hands to be used by Him. Pastor Kishan later updated us on his ground zero Christmas outreach that was a blessing to many in the neighbourhood. We could lend him some small help during Christmas.

2. Pastor Kamlesh (City:Pratapgarh State:Uttar Pradesh) was bound by govt orders to confine himself with his family in his house to sing for us. Pastor Kamlesh with his family sang a beautiful Christmas Carol in his local language Bhojpuri.

3. Pastor Pampilal (City:Khandwa State:Madhya Pradesh) who lives in the most interior parts of the tribal areas where no transportation exists along with children and sang a tribal gypsy song in his own dialect.


We are blessed to put together things during Christmas. We as a family got into Carol practice from the first week of December. I'm so thankful to you, and to all others who inspired us one way or the other during Christmas. I also extend my gratitude to my family who not only sang but decorated and arranged all things together.


Thank you once again for your contribution to bring the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ in a special way this Christmas. We hope to receive more fellowship in the coming new year 2024.


We request you to keep us, our families, our friends/associates in your daily prayers.


In His abundant grace and love,


Pastor Peter Pal