Pastor Peter in India

Here is his latest update; please also read the last post, below.

Updates:1. Post eye surgery on 5th Feb. dad visited the hospital for review. The Doctors said he is doing good.2. Keziah has her classes going on, and trying to adjust to the new environment. Tomorrow I will be visiting her to introduce her to the local church.
3. Pray for Anna Florence, she is admitted in the hospital with chickenpox. I visited her on the 4th Feb. to pray and encourage her as she is away from her family.4. Pray for Brother Raju & Vishal who are working hard in Punjab. These young men started a new work among children. Pray for the new initiative.5. Last evening my motorbike's front tyre burst while riding. God's grace, I was able to handle the speeding bike and brought it to the workshop.
Continue to pray for God's protection and grace.
Yours in His grace,
Pastor Peter Pal