The End of the American Empire

The End of the American Empire

For once I agree with the president of Iran, whose name I still can’t pronounce correctly.

At the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, he declared that America’s “empire” was “near the end of its road.” He cited the difficulties of American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are other reasons for our country’s imminent demise as the “world’s only superpower.”

Aside from the growing number of unfriendly governments around us (Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia; Russia; Iran; North Korea, to name only a few; China could be added to the list without too much provocation), we face an internal financial calamity of catastrophic proportions.

No matter what the currently-proposed bailout turns out to be, or how happily Wall Street will greet its announcement, it will fail in its purpose. Nothing can stave off the collapse of the huge derivatives market, not to mention the “lesser” crises which have prompted drastic government action.

For more on this, see the blog I posted earlier ( and the long essay, “Tsunami Coming?” I wrote in February, 2007 (

What to do?

There is still time to take some moves to protect your assets. For advice which has been very sound so far, go to the Weiss Safe Money Report. (I have no financial connection to Weiss’s organization; I have only used their recommendations to manage my sister’s funds.)

For deeper peace, turn to the Lord, who alone gave calm our hearts and supply our every need (Psalm 23; Matthew 6:33; Philippians 4:6-7).