True Religion

"True religion is not a matter of feeling. It embraces the entire man with all his thoughts, feelings, and volitions. It has its seat in the heart... All the soul's motions of life proceed from it and react upon it."

-from Zen - Existentialism: The Spiritual Decline of the West, published by Wipf and Stock.


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Here is a brief introduction to him from the China Horizon web ste:

"Dr. Lit-Sen Chang, Chinese apologist and theologian and scholar in Far Eastern philosophy, gave his life to the exposition and defense of the historic Christian faith. He was born in 1904 in China. From a young age he received a through education in the Confucian classics. As he witness his country on the verge of extinction, he cried out for national salvation through individual endeavor. He became a prolific writer.

"He immersed himself in Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. He felt called to regenerate Chinese culture and the religions of the East. He planned to visit India and strategize with scholars there to revive the traditional religions of Asia. At that point he heard the gospel, repented of his sin and committed his life to Jesus Christ. He gave up all his ambitions and studied at Gordon Divinity School. He was 53 by that time. He graduated summa cum laude, and served as professor of missions for many years. He was honored with Doctor of Literature degree from Wheaton College, and as 'Distinguished Lecturer in Missions Emeritus' by Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

"God Called Dr. Chang to the propagation of the Christian faith through literature. He wrote day and night in order to 'give the reason for the hope"'within us, and to 'contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saint.'. Dr. Chang boldly proclaimed the infinite God of the Bible, and critiqued humanistic thinking East and West. He lived a simple and diligent life, tirelessly writing with no regard for return or reward. His works in Chinese and English totaled over eighty volumes. His mature thought is seen in the four-volume Apologetics and the eight-volume Systematic Theology. These are not only valued for their scholarship, but form a unique treasure for the Body of Christ, as they edify the reader's heart and inform the mind."