“Let me tell you about my boy (girl)”: The Way God Looks at His Children

“Let me tell you about my boy (girl)”: The Way God Looks at His Children

Yesterday, I ate lunch with a friend. At the outset, he told me that he wanted to discuss with me some important career decisions facing him. I relished the opportunity to be helpful and was honored that he would want to ask my opinion. In other words, I was ready to “do business” with him right away.

But he was not eager to start with the main item on his agenda. He had something else he wanted to share with me first.

Today he and his wife are driving up to New York to take their oldest boy to visit a prominent university, from which, as it happens, my friend himself had received his Ph.D. years ago. The boy has already been accepted at this school, along with three other outstanding colleges. With a perfect SAT verbal score and a 4.0 GPA in a very good high school, the kid is obviously very smart.

He’s also a leader: Vice President of the student body as a freshman and now President. His outstanding qualities were recognized when he was given the responsibility to administer a large community grant for benefiting young people. He helps with the youth program in his church, too.

Most of all, he’s humble. When asked publicly to account for his success in academics while participating fully in extra-curricular activities, he said, “God gives me strength and wisdom.”

At first, I was impatient with my friend’s long monologue about his son. After all, hadn’t I been invited to give some valuable advice?

As I reflected on this man’s evident delight in his boy, however, it struck me that perhaps God is like that.

Can we imagine Him up in heaven, calling to one of hHs angels and saying, “Let me tell you about My boy (or girl). Sure, he makes mistakes, but all in all, he’s a pretty neat kid. I like the way he’s growing, performing well, and trusting Me more.”

After all, isn’t that what the LORD did when He virtually bragged about Job to the heavenly court? (The divine attention led to some difficulties for Job, of course, but that’s another story.)

So, I tried to think of God, my heavenly Father, beckoning to Michael the archangel, pointing “down” to me, and saying, “Let me tell you about Wright. I like what I’m doing in him, don’t you?”

Do you dare to put your name in there? Try it. I think that you’ll enjoy the awareness of your heavenly Father’s favor, which He extends to – no, lavishes upon – all who, by faith, are “in Christ Jesus,” his beloved Son.