Healing Words

For several decades, I suffered from something like fibromyalgia. During that time, I read countless articles and many books about nutrition and health, but I found that the most helpful instruction came from the Bible.

Over a period of several years, I compiled a number of references to passages in the Bible that spoke about physical, mental, and spiritual health, and wrote short comments on them. You can find the results of this study in The Lord's Healing Words, available from www.AuthorHouse.com.

The former dean of the medical school of the University of Virginia, Dr. Robert M. Carey,  wrote in his preface, "I commend this book most enthusiastically to you."Dr. Francis MacNutt, author of Healing, The Power to Heal, and other widely-read books, said it was "Very well done." Other readers have told me how much they have been helped by The Lord's Healing Words, so I encourage you to find out for yourself.

The 200-page volume contains six months of daily readings from the Bible on physical, mental, and spiritual health, with brief commentary. The comments are meant to stimulate your own reflection, prayer, and action to produce substantial change in your health and overall happiness.

Without offering any guarantee of a pain-free existence, this book does uncover the wisdom of God's Word for a healthy lifestyle. A special section on men's health addresses common problems we men face and contains essential principles for along, effective, and joy-filled life.

TLHW is not a "page-turner"; nor is it meant to be. It works best for you to go slowly, one section at a time, thinking about what you have read and applying it to your own life.

Happy reading!