Report on Special Christmas Service

Dear Pastor Wright,

Greetings and once again thank you for accepting the invitation and giving us your precious time. Indeed, it was a blessing to have you with us during Christmas.

Many friends & Pastors wrote back to the sermon you gave has blessed them bringing in the reality of life being short, yet confessing sins, and that God forgives us of all sins; to behold Your God; who rewards, protects, feeds, carries us all in His bosom, like a shepherd. I was blessed while I translated the message. While we both read the passages together one after the other, I could sense the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. Somewhere I had my eyes full of tears. Thank you so much for sharing, it was a sheer please hearing from you.

Thank you once again for a quick change you made before the service began. You looked handsome; sorry I should have told you before about the formal dress code. Your voice was sweet this time. I'm sorry for interrupting you while you spoke that I did while I felt your sentences to be of high intellect.

How beautifully all came together singing from different regions in their own dialects, I too was encouraged by them. I had given them very limited time to participate.

We have our Leadership & Pastoral teams from 12 states of India. 10 different regional Christmas songs sung by 10 different groups in Bojpuri, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Sadhari & Odiya of course to add on English. Two groups we missed out due to technical issues.

There were Church groups that joined in from different locations, I believe more than 110 people tuned in to the service. Few old friends were reunited during this service. I’m very pleased and thank you on behalf of all India team & friends for being part of the service.

God bless you Pastor Wright.

With Prayers as we all step into a new year,