From Pastor Peter Pal in India

Greetings, hope you're recovering well on your eye sight post surgery.

The truth of suffering from a Biblical point has been so encouraging. It's true that we accept whatever comes to us, humbly accepting to suffer, but in the midst of suffering we look onto Christ, Who suffered more for us, even the death on the Cross.

Sister Sarah is very much in our prayers. Please tell her that we're praying for her. Please don't be discouraged or be saddened. Jesus loves her because she is a precious daughter of Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in heaven she may ask the Lord, why I suffered so much physically. The Lord will bring her very close to her, hug her, kiss her and will say, because you endured all pain, suffering with faith & joy, because of that many saw your unsaid testimony and gave their lives to Christ, their faith was strengthened.

Tell her, I too am suffering with much pain nowadays. I too want to learn from your life, how to keep up the faith and press on giving others comfort, love and joy.

Praying for Sister Dori & Blaise.

Things are getting into normalcy post floods, though the roads have developed a lot of potholes. The civic bodies are on their toes these days. In Karnataka, The Anti-Conversion Law has been passed in both legislative assemblies. Things are getting harder and harder for the proclamation of the gospel. But Praise be to God, the Queen's Funeral that was being watched by all the world brought the Gospel Truth, That Christ Jesus alone gives hope, joy and life eternal. India had its day to witness the live funeral service of The Queen and hear about Christ.

My Health: With the amount of travel, walk & work, it seems my backbone needs care. Often I feel even the bed mattress & pillow are having a tug of war during the night with my backbone.

Sometimes the cervical & shoulders hurt during long drives. My prayers for a vehicle update have an answer from the Lord. Pastor Ashley generously donated 25,000 rupees for a new bike, a brother from Church 3,000 rupees, another visitor to the Church 10,000 (but for my washing machine repair) but I'm planning to use it for my immediate need. Wow, Praise the Lord!!!

Early Morning Prayer & Devotions with the Church has blessed me very much. Daily devotion in different languages is a blessing to many whom I keep sending day after day. Praying for North India missions, hope I can visit the North sometime during this year, God willing.

Everyone in the family is doing well, except some cold & cough. The whole family will be visiting, hometown to attend my cousin's marriage during the first week of October.

October is a festive season here in India, and lots of offers on household products & vehicles. I'm praying for an upgrade from a scooter to a proper bike.