Pastor Peter in India

Thank you so much for praying for us.
There has been a drastic improvement in the wife's nose blockage and sinuses issue. Continuous use of prescribed medicines has loosened her nasal congestion. Little one has improved as well and has started attending her school.

The month of February has been a blessing and we praise God for all His mercies. Though I had issues with my health, in spite of all, we could minister both online and offline.

Morning Devotions & WhatsApp Prayer Room continues to bless many around the country. Pastor Titus from Hyderabad continues to assist to bring about vibrant and apt Word of promise for everyday.
Special Two days Online Word Conference blessed more than 560 Lay-Pastors from different states especially the North Indian Pastors. God gave me the privilege to translate for some international conferences in February.
Modules for New Believers are getting finalized that will offer local Pastors to strengthen their new believers. Hope we can finalize and print the materials by the end of March.
Survey the Land, after a long wait, God willing this week will make a quick trip to Andhra Pradesh to survey the donated properties for building prayer rooms. I may also apply for the renewal of my driving license during this visit.
We need your prayers for better health, strength and wisdom to persevere in His Kingdom building. We need your continued financial gifts to meet all ministry, educational and needs of the family.
Pray as we pay visit to all who are sick in the family, the grieved aunts family who lost their only son yesterday. Our visit will bring hope, healing and ever in-dwelling peace, while we share the love of Jesus.
Pray for the family who stays back and continues leading the Sunday service.