Pastor Peter in India

Feb. 2, 2021

Dear Pastor Wright,

Thank you so much for those Words of faith, that God does provide, and we are focused on Matthew 6:33 seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness...

Our God says, "Calm down, and learn that I am God! All nations on earth will honor me." Ps 46:10 CEV

My Prayer: You will do everything you have promised; LORD, your love is eternal. Complete the work that you have begun. Ps 138:8 GNT

Because He loves us, He does everything and completes what He began as He has promised. (I'm instructing myself).

God came to our rescue last week, as a GOOD SHEPHERD; caring, protecting, providing and carrying us in His arms when we were hurting.

Dad underwent his right eye cataract surgery on 30th Jan. We thank everyone for praying. Since, both his eyes are partially infected doctors took a call to address the right eye first. Apart from cataract, his both eyes have glaucoma. Please continue to pray for him. Next review is on 5th Feb,

Keziah is settling down in her new environment at the college hostel, new friends, different food, and all together a new environment where she needs to do her chores by herself. Her classes begin from 3rd Feb.

Pst. P from Varanasi started to visit a new field quite far from her home. Every Saturday village elders class with a social action theme has attracted many volunteers to join, and initiate volunteer groups who sweep and clean every village they visit. Masks, hand-wash and awareness about health & nutrition camps were conducted. The hub to reach 25 villages started from Pst. P's house using video conferencing and presentations. Praise God...

Pst. K from Karnal, Haryana seeks prayer for the fellowship. The recent farmers agitation near Delhi has affected local commuting and his area is under police control.

We continue to pray for the points mentioned in the prayer letter.

Yours in His grace,

Peter Pal