Pastor Peter in India

Dear Praying Friends,

"Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand." Is. 41:10 This scripture is such a comfort during difficult times. God tells us not to be afraid or discouraged. Why? Because He is with us.

Last two months were a bit challenging and at some point, disturbing; Isaiah 41:10 strengthened us. 3rd May I celebrated my birthday with friends and family, attended two different cousin weddings. Two open air meetings in Andhra Pradesh mission field; more than 200 were reached with the Gospel.

Summer heat of May was unbearable, sleepless nights and power shut downs. Missed a few train journeys due to extreme heat. Two, three days went wasted as we could not book air conditioned coach tickets due to heavy rush.

Returning from an open air meeting we met with an automobile accident. None of us traveling in the car were harmed but the impact of collusion was felt by the car. The car has to be sent for major repairs.

Jasmine has been enrolled into 2nd grade and she resumed her schooling from 1st of June.

Consistently, most of us fell sick in these last two months but Sister Sunitha’s health went totally down due to the heatwave and travelling. Medical assistance at the hospital brought her back to a renewed strength. Praise God for His protection and all your prayers.

Daily Devotionals on WhatsApp: Three language devotions shared on WhatsApp continue to make a positive impact on individuals. It has become one of the convenient and accessible ways for people to receive spiritual nourishment daily. Sharing these messages on WhatsApp provide emotional support, motivating individuals during challenging times, and instill faith to move forward. WhatsApp's widespread use and accessibility make it an effective tool to reach a large number of people across different geographical locations in India. Daily devotions shared on WhatsApp also reach individuals who have no access to physical places of worship or who are unable to attend gatherings regularly. Many of them find value in the daily devotions they receive on WhatsApp, many incline to share them further with their own contacts. What a blessing!

Preparing for a Pastor’s Conference in the month of September at Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. We always seek your prayers to keep up the work of the Lord.

We need your prayers for better health, protection, strength and wisdom to persevere in His work.

Our elderly parents need your prayers too.

For the last two weeks my daughter Keziah (pronounced KAY zee ah) has had a terrible eye infection and I twice had to bring her to the hospital. She is on eye drop medications for a month now.
The eye specialist also recognised a difficulty for her eye sight and has referred her to a eye squint specialist. Already a through checkup was done on Thursday. Again the doctor advised a second overall checkup and may ask for a eye surgery. We're waiting for the appointment with the doctor today. We're not sure if we can go for a surgery at the moment but doctors advised that it's better to go for it as it will effect her brain in the future regarding eye sight.
This is the first opinion, may God provide for a second opinion in another hospital as well if needed.

On a daily basis and as the Spirit of the Lord leads us, we often pray for each of you by name.

Yours in Vineyard,

Pastor Peter Pal