The Momentous Choice

Jesus is himself the embodiment of his teaching, and his goal embraces the rescue of the penitent from sin and its consequences and their restoration to holy living . . . The proclamation of the Word of God – that is, of the revealed truth of the gospel centering in the incarnate, crucified and rise Logos – therefore propels every hearer into a crisis of decision, since it calls for an immediate verdict on redemption by Jesus Christ that leads either to or away from eternal life in the present and to future eschatological salvation or damnation. Christian faith in the crucified and risen Jesus contrasts strikingly with Greek confidence in human wisdom (1 Cor. 1:29) and Jewish confidence in man’s own righteousness (Rom. 3:27).  .  . Where does anyone other than Jesus of Nazareth stand forth to declare, “I am the Truth” to be either worship or crucified?

Carl F. H. Henry, God, Revelation, & Authority, 3.78