Pastor Peter in India

Warm Christian greetings from India.

Winter is setting in, we can feel the chill in the atmosphere. It's been cloudy for a few days, and the weather department has alerted us to the formation of yet another typhoon. Though we're not going to be affected directly, there might have heavy rains.

The ongoing pandemic is still harsh in our country, various views on it bring fear of uncertainties and dangers. Overall bigger effect of the pandemic is on our daily ministry. The rented hall for gatherings is not available now. Most of the believers do not have ways to use new technologies. It's been many months since I've used public transport. Schools and colleges still remain closed, but there is news of re-openings on December 1st week.

We will be having the Google Meet Word Enrichment Seminar (Season-2) on 21st November 2020. I'm in the midst of preparations to host the seminar. Please continue to pray for the seminar.

Continue to pray for Keziah and Riya's college/schooling. We're praying for their huge financial need at this hour.