Pastor Peter in India

Latest Update

Things at my end are also rough; battles & challenges on every front. It's not only financial but also mental, emotional and physical attacks. There were some weird dreams, battling with serpents. My physical body is getting weaker, and I find pain in my thigh, feets and lower spine. Looking after the elderly is a privilege, but also a challenge to address their emotions, attitudes and their needs. Since the Church has engaged me to look after many responsibilities, mostly I am away returning home late evenings, Suneetha as a daughter-in-law shares much of my burdens. Suneetha's condition of Sinusitis has worsened due to winters and her washing clothes in cold water.

Keziah's annual exams have been announced. She may not be active during Christmas, her exams start from 23rd Dec and continue till 29th. Keziah has fee dues for this year, she will be allowed only if dues are cleared. The little one Jasmine scored well, did well in sports and won a few prizes.
What could we desire more is prayer.